Grand Bahama Scuba Diving Courses

You won’t find a more perfect place to take Scuba Diving classes than in the Caribbean waters off the coast of Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. We offer a number of Scuba Diving Certifications for divers with all levels of proficiency. Whether you are interested in learning to dive for the first time or would like to expand your diving knowledge, our PADI-endorsed dive schools will provide you with the best possible Scuba Diving Education in the Bahamas. Our extensive curriculum includes courses ranging from the brief and easy Discover Scuba to the standard Open Water Certification to highly specialized, advanced and intensive diving programs. If you are interested in a specific Scuba Diving Certification course that is not listed on this website, be sure to contact our Scuba Diving professionals by telephone – we can most likely accommodate your request.

Discover Scuba

Discover Scuba, also referred to as the Resort Scuba Diving Course, is a day-long training program that gives uncertified visitors to Freeport the opportunity to dive without full certification. Our Freeport Dive instructors will mentor novices through three stages of training over the course of a day. Discover Scuba begins in the classroom, where participants receive a short lecture. After classroom study, the morning session concludes with pool instruction. Students become familiarized with the equipment and practice underwater breathing and movement. The real fun begins in the afternoon, when students get the chance to dive offshore at a teeming reef habitat. Our PADI-licensed instructors will guide you through every stage of the process and monitor your safety.

Open Water Diver Certification

Once an individual completes Open Water Scuba Diving Certification, he/she is sanctioned by the international scuba organization PADI to dive all over the planet. There is not a better place to begin learning to Scuba Dive than off the coast of Freeport in the Bahamas. There are three phases to this program: knowledge development (with combinations of book study, online and/or classroom study and testing), confined-water practice (which includes diving in a pool or shallow cove), and open-water diving (which includes four one-tank dives). The crystal-clear waters and teeming tropical reefs await you in the Bahamas.

Refresher Program

If you’ve allowed your Scuba Diving skills to deteriorate, a Scuba Diving Refresher Program is a great way to restore those forgotten skills and remember the proper safety procedures. This Refresher Course was created specifically to ensure that lapsed divers return to the Open Water with a renewed confidence and awareness of the undersea environment. The Refresher Program consists of a short in-class review, confined water practice in a swimming pool, and finally an Open Water Dive session off the coast of Nassau. There isn’t a more splendid location to revive your enthusiasm for Scuba Diving than in the tropical waters of the Bahamas.

Open Water Referral

Often called the Open Water Checkout, the Open Water Referral option allows budding scuba divers to initially train with at their local dive professional for the classroom and confined water portion of the Open Water Scuba Diving Certification process. Students can bring proof of their referral endorsement to Freeport in order to complete the certification process with a Freeport-based PADI Scuba Diving instructor. Why bother spending your vacation indoors in a classroom or a swimming pool. Complete those stages at home and start diving offshore as soon as you step off the plane.

Advanced Open Water Certification

Not satisfied with just the Open Water Certification endorsement? Continue your Scuba Diving Education with the PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving Certification Program. This is not your typical class where you spend time chained to a desk; you will head offshore for five exhilarating open water dives, including a Deeper Water Dive and an Underwater Navigation Dive. After these two dives you can select from an extensive list of specialty dive choices, including: Night Dive, Video-graphy Dive, Digital Photography Dive, Wreck Dive, Drift Dive, Fish ID Dive, Nature Study Dive, Multi-level Dive, Search and Recovery Dive, Underwater Scooter Dive, and Dry Suit Dive.

Divemaster, Rescue and Specialty Courses

If you have already completed the Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving Certification and are ready for another challenge, continue your diving education with an advanced or specialty Scuba Diving Certification. Our highly experienced dive pros offer a litany of dive courses, including Undersea Videography, Nocturnal Diving, Digital Undersea Photography, Dry-suit Diving, Wreck Diving, Fish I.D., Marine Study, Drift Scuba Diving, Multilevel Diving, Undersea Scooter, as well as Search and Recovery. Our Freeport Scuba Diving experts are available by phone to speak to you and answer any questions about our Bahamas Scuba Diving Certification endorsement offerings.